Valentine’s day is around the corner and it’s time to celebrate it with a romantic date. For those that already have a significant other, be sure to dress up and have a fun time. However, for those that are still searching for someone….here are 6 simple steps you can follow to find the “right” one.


1. Know what you want

The first thing you want to do is figure out what your tastes and standards are. What are you into? Do you prefer tall guys or short guys? What do you look for in a guy? It is important to get an idea before going out and searching because it will save you a lot of time and drama. For example, our users who are looking for a new black evening dress will click on the dresses subcategory under clothing. Or, they simply type “black evening dresses” into the search bar to instantaneously reach their targeted items.


2. Find out where they would be

Once you have established your tastes and preferences, start thinking about where they hang out. Head over to the gym, basketball court, tennis court, etc if you would like someone that is into fitness and health. For example, our users come to Style Minions to find the latest fashion because they know that we only show the newest arrivals.


3. Filter down your options

So at this point you have already scouted places that your desired partner would hang out. Take a browse and filter out your options further. This will eventually lead you to one main target(s). For example, when our users are shopping under one category, they have the option to filter the results by brand, colour and price. By utilizing these features, users are able to narrow down their search to find the perfect product to purchase.


4. Approach

Okay, so you have finally found the perfect guy to target……now it is time to make the first approach! This is where you can play on your strengths and do your magic. If you’re feeling confident and bold, go up to them, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. If that is not really your thing, maybe you can make yourself more obvious in front of him by hanging out at that location more often. Just play on your own individual charms and strengths! There is no right or wrong method.


5. Keep tabs

Now that you have approached this person, it is important to see if they are exactly who they say they are. Not all first impressions of a person are true to their personality. People can change just like how the pricing on products always fluctuate.


6. Make your move

At this point, you have finally found the man of your dreams and would really love to take the relationship a step further. All that is left to do is to make your move on expressing your interest and feelings. You can either choose to do a bold confession or drop subtle signals in hopes of getting him to make the move instead. Do whatever you are comfortable with and hope for the best! However, make sure that you don’t take too long cause chances are there are other predators ready to pounce on him. Think about it this way. You would not want to see the dress that you have been holding off to buy be sold out during your next visit to the store.


Comment down below on whether you will be spending Valentine’s with your significant other and include your stories on how you guys got together! We would love to read them 🙂